Nirvana - Come as you are chord

Friday, November 5, 2010

Artist : Nirvana Song tilte : Come as you are

Lyric and chord

Intro: F#m E(4x)

 F#5         A       F#5
Come as you are, as you were
F#5         A      
As I want you to be
F#5         A      
As a friend, as a friend
F#5         A      
There's an old     enemy
F#5         A      
Take your time, hurry up
F#5         A      
The choice is yours don't be late
F#5         A      
Take a rest, as a friend,
A      F#5   A
As an old memoria, yeah
F#5         A      
Memoria, yeah (3x)

 F#5         A       F#5
Come dowsed in mud, soaked in bleach
F#5         A      
As I want you to be
A                F#5
There's a trend, there's a friend
A      F#5   A
There's an old memory, yeah
F#5         A      
Memoria Yeah (3x)

B      D B   D
I swear that I don't have a gun
B      D
No I don't have a gun (2x)

 Ad lib: F#m E (10x)

F#5      A      
Memoria yeah (4x)

 (Repeat Chorus)

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Guitar Lesson said...

Sweet. I finally have the chords for one of the my fave songs from Nirvana. Do you happen to also have the guitar tabs for this? I want to learn how to play the tabs part of this song. Thanks again.

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