One Last Breath Chord and lyric

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Artist : CREED
Song Title : One Last Breath Chord and lyric

D                  A               Bm                       G
 Please come now--I think I'm falling-I'm holding on to all I think
   D                    A               Bm                G   
is safe---It seems I've found the road to nowhere--and I'm trying to
     D           A                 Bm                   G
escape---I yelled back when I heard thunder--but now I'm down to one
     D           A              Bm          G
last breath---and with it let me say--let me say

D             F#      Bm                        G             D
 Hold me now----I'm six feet from the edge and I'm thinking---maybe
   F#          Bm*     G
six feet---ain't so far down.

D                   A                Bm                 G
 I'm looking down---now that it's over-reflecting on all of my
   D                   A                  Bm          G 
mistakes---I thought I found the road to somewhere--somewhere in His
D              A           Bm                G                D
grace---I cried out--heaven save me--but I'm down to one last breath---
   A             Bm           G
and with it let me say--let me say.  (GO TO CHORUS 2x)

Em         G    D                     A            Bm
Sad eyes follow me----but I still believe there's-something left for
G          Em         G        D                        A
me----So please come stay with me----'Cause I still believe there's
Bm                 G
something left for you and me-for you and me-for you and me.

(Play D-F#-Bm-G pattern once more)
palm muted

D        F#         Bm                     G
Hold me now----I'm six feet from the edge and I'm thinking...


Finish (Slowly)
D                 A                Bm                     G
Please come now--I think I'm falling-I'm holding on to all I think is

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Great, thanks so much! I really want to play this tune but I couldn't find the good tabs.

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I absolutely adore Creed and these chord and lyrics for their song posted in this blog are amazing!

Cervirite said...

Listening to this song is really awesome. :) I love Creed! :D

Chicago Home Builder said...

I think you got the title wrong. It's One Last Breath. :) Anyway, I love this song. Thanks for the chord and lyrics.

Zein Okeh said...

hehehe.... yes thats wrong title.. thanks for your notification.. succes for chicago home builder.. :)

Zein Okeh said...

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